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The project has received full support from a series of eminent archaeologists and anthropologists who are willing to act as advisory board. The Advisory Board members have been chosen because their research agenda, in terms of subject, method and geographic area is of high relevance to RAINDROPS.

Richard H. Meadow is senior lecturer at the Department of Anthropology, Harvard University (USA). He is one of the major experts in South Asian archaeology, with interests in zooarchaeology, the domestication of animals and the origins of agriculture. Hi is co-director of the excavations at Harappa.

Jonathan Mark Kenoyer is professor and director of the Centre for South Asia at the Department of Anthropology, University of Madison-Wisconsin. He is a world leader on the archaeology of the Indus Civilisation and director of the excavations at Harappa.

Donatella Usai is an archaeologist of the Italian Institute for Sudanese and Sub-Saharan Studies. She has long-term experience on the Archaeology of Sudan, is currently the PI of the project 'Rescue Archaeology in Central Sudan' and the director of the excavation at Al Khiday.

Catherine D’Andrea is a palaeoethnobotany and ethnoarchaeology professor in the Department of Archaeology, Simon Fraser University (Canada) and currently director of the Eastern Tigrai Archaeological Project (ETAP).

Martin Hodson is an associate member of the Institute of Human Sciences at the University of Oxford (UK). He is one of the pioneer researchers in stable isotope studies in phytoliths.

Victoria Reyes-García is ICREA research professor at the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology, Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain). She is an ethnoecologist and her research addresses the benefits and the drivers of change of traditional ecological knowledge.

Paul Lane is professor of Global Archaeology at the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History, University of Uppsala (Sweden). He is an archaeologist with over twenty-five years’ research experience in Africa and currently coordinates the Resilience in East African Landscapes (REAL) MSC Initial training network.

Dorian Q. Fuller is professor of Archaeobotany at the Institute of Archaeology, University College London (UK). His main interest is in the origin of agriculture and he has worked extensively in archaeobotany of South Asia and Africa.

P. Ajithprasad is professor of World Prehistory and Biological Anthropology at the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History of the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, India. His expertise includes quaternary environments, adaptation, and the archaeology of the Indus Civilization.

Kathleen Morrison is professor of Anthropology and Social Sciences at the Department of Anthropology, University of Chicago. She runs research projects in southern India and work on issues of dryland agriculture and its long-term record.

Karen L. Kramer is associate professor at the Department of Anthropology, University of Utah. Her research draws on evolutionary and ecological perspectives and has an empirical focus in traditional forager and agriculturist populations.

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